Theory and Practice in English Studies

General publication requirements:

- The journal uses the format of the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, for all its content. Please visit the official website of the CMOS for a guide to formatting and more information.

- The authors are responsible for the accuracy of language of the submission. The author may be asked to revise the manuscript if it does not uphold the standards of academic English.

- All submitted research articles should range between 3, 000 and 6, 000 words in length.

- All submitted tributes, reviews, conference reports, or overviews should not exceed 2, 000 words in length.

- There is no word limit on interviews.

- All submitted articles need to be accompanied by the author's biography in English. The biography should include the author's affiliation and should not exceed 150 words.

- All submitted articles need to be accompanied by an abstract (maximum of 250 words) and a list of keywords (maximum of eight) in English.

- The biography, abstract and list of keywords are not required if the submission is an interview, review, conference report, tribute, etc.


Selected Formatting Guidelines

  1. Use the En-dash (–; Alt+0150) to separate words or clauses, not em-dash.
  2. Use the US style of punctuating quotations. This means:
    1. Double quotation marks (”) for initial quotations and single quotation marks (‘’) for quotations within initial quotations,
    2. Punctuation that is not part of the quotation (mainly commas and full stops) is written before the closing quotation marks. This does not apply when the quotation is immediately followed by a citation in parentheses; in this case, the punctuation is placed after the citation. 
  3. When giving a page range (e.g., in citations), use the En-dash between the values, and:
    • include all digits in both values: pp. 97–117.
      • However, when the second value is in the same hundred (thousand, million, etc.) as the first, exclude the first digit in the second value: pp. 144–57; pp. 1144–58.
        • This does not apply to situations when the second value is in the first decade of the given hundred. In that case, include all digits: pp. 200–209.


  • New thematic issue of THEPES 2022, 11(1): Many Ghosts of Hamlet is available through the following link.

  • The belated issue of THEPES 2021, 10(2) is available through the following link.



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