Information for Foreign Students

Exchange students coming to Brno in Autumn 2020

Below you can find a list with courses offered at the Department, which are suitable for foreign exchange students coming to Brno in the semester Autumn 2020. Please read the description, choose your preferred courses and register them in the Information System. Furthermore, proceed according to requirements of your exchange programme, such as Erasmus+.

Should you have any questions, please contact Nikki Fořtová (, who is the coordinator for incoming exchange students. Nikki will also confirm your Learning Agreement.

COVID-19 update: The Autumn 2020 semester will be difficult because of the novel coronavirus and possible restrictions and counter-epidemic measures. Now (August 2020), we are preparing for CONTACT instruction (students and teachers present in classrooms). So, the list below applies to you under the following conditions:

- you are an incoming exchange student;

- you will be PRESENT in Brno in Autumn 2020;

- you will meet all requirements in the courses, as listed in the Information System and syllabi.

Please remember that the current situation may change. It will be possible to "switch" to the non-contact, online mode during the semester.

International students NOT coming to Brno in Autumn 2020 (both exchange and Masaryk University)

If you are a foreign student who will NOT BE PRESENT in Brno in Autumn 2020 (both exchange students and international students matriculated at Masaryk University), you should choose from a list of courses that are guaranteed by the Department to be offered in ONLINE-ONLY mode. The list will be available in early September and will include a selection of courses that will guarantee the smooth progress of studies at all levels.

Please note: you may not attend a course in the online-only mode if you are present in Brno and that course is currently offered in contact-mode. This restriction will not apply in case of lockdown when everyone attends all courses in the online mode.

A list of courses offered to students NOT PRESENT in Brno in Autumn 2020 will be available in September, below.

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