Bachelor's studies

English Language and Literature (three-year program, full-time form)

Bachelor’s degree studies at the Department of English and American Studies are offered as single subject and double subject programs. Both programs usually last for 6 semesters, while the maximum length of studies is limited to 8 semesters.

The First Year is composed of compulsory courses introducing students into the fields of study dealt with in the following years. This year ends with a qualifying examination in English that consists of written and oral parts.

In the second stage of the Bachelor’s degree studies (2nd and 3rd years), one course is compulsory and the rest are elective. At the end of their studies, students write a Bachelor’s thesis (diploma or non-diploma) and pass the final bachelor’s state exam which consists of four written exams in literature, linguistics, cultural studies and English language (which also has an oral part).

Students are obliged to gain 4 credits in Philosophy and 2 credits in Physical Training (common courses compulsory for all students of the Faculty of Arts offered by the Department of Philosophy and the Faculty of Sports, respectively) and to meet the Faculty's criteria concerning other foreign languages (min. 4 credits).

In order to be allowed to sit for the Bachelor's exam (AJ19999) at the end of the Bachelor's degree studies, a minimum of 180 credits must be gained.

There are two types of the Bachelor's program: single-subject, double-subject

English Language and Literature (three-year program, combined form)

Bachelor's degree studies in combined form: single-subject