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The summer and winter issues of 2020 will appear as a double issue in December 2020. Authors are invited to send articles on either topic.
The deadline for all articles is 31 October 2020.

Call for Papers - Winter Issue of 2020

The academic, peer-reviewed journal Theory and Practice in English Studies is issuing a call for papers for its winter issue of 2020. The topic is: Isolation, Solitude, Distance and Communication in Times of Epidemic. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only brought out feelings of fear and increased the ranks of conspiracy theorists, but it has also thrown millions into the isolation of their own homes. Our lives dramatically changed. How private and business activities are conducted have been re-considered, and opinions regarding the impact of isolation and solitude on individuals and nations have filled newspapers and magazines. Similar crises litter history, be they natural or man-made. Regardless of the origin or era, crises force people into noteworthy modes of communication that often find their way into literary and other cultural representations. This issue of THEPES wishes to reflect such themes through its literary, cultural, and linguistic papers.

Call for Papers - Summer Issue of 2020

Theory and Practice in English Studies is currently seeking articles on secrets, codes, and puzzles within the context of anglophone linguistics, literatures, and cultures.
As we find ourselves entering yet another decade of the Information Age – the brand new, “digital” 20s – it is becoming clear that the speed of technological advancement is not going to slow down. With new useful gadgets, however, come new issues and questions. Every new piece of "smart" technology is automatically accompanied by the potential loss of one’s privacy, one’s identity, one’s agency. This threat of loss of data is exceeded only by the amount of data we as a society consume and digest. It seems that because today's world is doomed to live with an over-accumulation of information, it is doomed to live without true secrets and mysteries. On the other hand, if we cannot firmly grasp the truth either, might it not be that this is actually the age of secrets? What is the role of secrets in the post-truth age – the age of conspiracy theories, hoaxes, digital trickery and (often intentional) breakdown of identities? Has the way we create, maintain, and uncover secrets changed through history?
Other interpretations of the topics are welcome and may include (but do not have to be limited to) linguistic studies of secret languages and codes; discourse studies of social media; literary, cultural, and political studies of stories, novels, plays, films, historical events, cultural practices, and other phenomena in any historical era in some way dealing with the topics of secrets, codes, and puzzles.


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The deadline for submitting your papers is 31 October 2020.
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Double Issue: The summer and winter issues of 2020 will appear together as a double issue in December 2020. Submissions of papers to both issues are open till 31 October 2020.

New Call for Papers: The editorial board of THEPES has issued a new call for papers for the winter issue of 2020. 

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