Theory and Practice in English Studies

Thematic Issue 2022, 11(1)

Many Ghosts of Hamlet

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[7-10] Anna Mikyšková: Editorial

Research Articles

[13-30] Beatrice Berselli: "How He Met the Spectator's Heart and Held It Tight": On F. L. Schröder's and J. F. H. Brockmann's Hamlet in Eighteenth-Century Germany

[31-47] Ivona Mišterová: "And in This Harsh World Draw Thy Breath in Pain, to Tell My Story": The Reception of Hamlet in Pilsen Theatres

[49-59] David Livingstone: "More Things in Heaven and Earth" New Directions in Hamlet Adaptations

[61-75] Jarrod DePrado: Hamlet/Hamnet: Haunted by "The Poison of Deep Grief"

[77-94] Yvonne Nicolle Stafford-Mills: East Meets West at Tiananmen Square: Does Lin Zhaohua's Post-Tiananmen Hamlet Catch the Conscience of Beijing?

[95-111] Ashley-Marie Maxwell: Hamlet, Prince of Japan: Examining the Translations and Performances of Japanese Hamlet

[113-122] Mateusz Godlewski: Textual Variants: What Happens to Them in Translation? Some Reflections on the Polish Critical Editions of Hamlet

[123-140] Nadina Vișan and Daria Protopopescu: 200 Years of Romanian Hamlet Retranslation: Ghosts of the Source Text?

Double Bill: Ophelia and Co. in Popular Music

[143-150] Michaela Weiss: Singing Hamlet: Bob Dylan's Take on the Classic

[151-159] Filip Krajník: Her Majesty's Shakespeare: Shakespearean Echoes in Songs by Queen

Interviews and Reviews

[163-171] Anna Mikyšková: An Interview with Kareen Seidler on Early Modern German Hamlet, Its Importance for Hamlet Studies, and Its New Translation into English

[173-183] Filip Krajník: An Interview with Pavel Drábek on Translating Shakespeare in Theory and Practice

[185-190] Eva Kyselová and Klára Škrobánková: Production Review: Double Hamlet - Double Trouble (Hamlet, dir. by Michal Dočekal, ABC Theatre, 2021; Hamlet, dir. by Jakub Čermák, South Bohemian Theatre, 2022.)

[191-197] Michal Zahálka: An Interview with Jakub Čermák on Hamlet, Depressive Children and the Difference Between Official and Independent Czech Scenes

[199-203] Eva Kyselová: Book Review (William Shakespeare: Tragický příběh o Hamletovi, dánském princi, translated by Filip Krajník. Brno: Větrné Mlýny, 2022.)

[205-211] Anna Mikyšková: An Interview with Kateřina Fürbachová on Illustrating Hamlet (and Ophelia), Fashion and Ecological Activism Through Art



Issue 2021, 10(2)

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