Overall aims of the programme

Graduates of this degree programme will be qualified for teaching English as a foreign language at various types of Czech upper-secondary schools. They will be well-grounded in the theory and practice of teaching English to adolescents and young/emerging adults.

Graduates will be able to make decisions in lesson and course planning and teaching. They will be able to prepare and teach a series of lessons, work with curriculum in Czech upper-secondary education, select, design and use suitable teaching materials and tests. They will be aware of the different ways in which students learn a foreign language and of related principles that underlie language teaching. They will be able to reflect on their in-class experience and will seek ways of further professional development.

Information for prospective students

This programme is no longer offered. Prospective students can apply for the newly accredited Upper Secondary School Teacher Education in English Language and Literature (for students accepted in 2020 and later)

Information for current students

Students who began their studies in 2017 or earlier could choose among different tracks (ELT, linguistics, literature and culture). For details on these tracks and their requirements, please contact Tomáš Hanzálek.  

The following plans are valid for students who were accepted in Autumn 2018 or 2019.

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End of Studies

Students who write their diploma theses within the EFL teacher education programme must pass the Diploma Thesis Seminars I and II. The process of writing a Master’s Diploma Thesis lasts at least two semesters: in the first semester students prepare for writing and submit assignments in the electronic Thesis Seminar I, in the second semester, they consult with their adviser, write the thesis and gain credits for that in the Thesis Seminar II and hand in the thesis.

State examinations consist of the following parts:

  • Students in teacher education programmes take an examination of psychology and general education. This examination is organized by the Department of Educational Sciences (link: https://pedagogika.phil.muni.cz/).
  • Diploma thesis defence (if the thesis was written within the EFL teacher education programme).
  • State examination in ELT, which consists of two parts:
    1. Students choose 5 books from the following areas: English Language Didactics and Linguistics for Teachers. This part of the state exam aims to determine whether students are capable of academic discussion about the books chosen, i.e. if they are able to critically evaluate the books, set them in the context of English Language Didactics and Linguistics for Teachers and seek links between theory and practice.
    2. Students discuss selected aspects encountered during their school placement. During the examination they are expected to be able to theorize the phenomena and relate their practical experience to relevant theories in the context of English Language Didactics and Linguistics for Teachers, i.e. to seek connections between practice and theory. Students should also be able to discuss possibilities and next steps in their professional development.

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