North-American Culture Studies

In order to be allowed to sit for the Master's Final Stale Exam (AJ29999), a single subject student has to get at least 120 credits while fulfilling the following requirements::

  a. Successfully complete the following compulsory courses (30 credits):

  • AJ27072/ROM0B009 History of European Colonization
  • AJ22094/ROM0B012 Multilingualism, Language Change and Language Policy
  • ROM0B010 Geography, Culture and Society in Romance regions of North America
  • SJ0B789 Indigenous culture in Latin America
  • FJIB553 History of French Canada
  • AJ27073 North American Cultural Geographies

  b. Choose 2 modules (either EL and FJ or EL and SL) (total 40 credits). Courses within a module have to be finished with exam.

Compulsory courses - Module EL

AJ27071 North American Cross-cultural Narratives

AJ22092 Current Topics in American Linguistics

AJ27069 Film in the USA: Institutions, Genres, Film-makers, Criticism

AJ29085 Translating North America into Czech (and vice versa): a historical-cultural perspective

Compulsory courses - Module FL

FJ0B747 The Imaginary of the City - Montréal, Québec

FJ0B767 Image of the USA and America in Quebec literature

FJ0B773 Czech Translations from Quebec literature

FJ0B774 French in North America

Compulsory courses - Module SL

SJ0B781 Image of USA in Mexican literature

SJ0B793 Society and culture in Central America

SJIIA109 Varieties of Spanish

SJIIB969 Spanish in the USA

  c. Gain at least 26 credits from the course below:

AJ15074 Aspects of Post-war American Fiction
AJ22093 Pronunciation Varieties of American English
AJ25037 Decadent Literature and Its Reception in the Late Victorian Period
AJ25044 North American Gothic
AJ25046 Decadence in America in the late twentieth century
AJ25047 Indigenous Literature
AJ25051 Shakespeare and American Literature
AJ27051 Contemporary Native American Societies
AJ27052 A Decade in U.S. History: The 1960s
AJ27053 Civil and Human Rights: A Comparative Examination
AJ27068/FJ0B771 Migration and Immigration in North America
AJ28001 Postcolonial and Feminist Rewritings of Master Narratives
AJ28056 Varieties of Canadian Experience: Canadian Film since 1970
FJ0B762 The Fantastic in French-Canadian and Quebec Literature
FJ0B763 Women Writers in French-Canadian and Quebec Literature
FJ0B764 History of Francophone Culture in North America
FJ0B765 Quebec Drama
FJ0B768 Image of the Anglo-Canadian in French-Canadian Literature
FJ0B772 Contemporary Questions of the First Nations in the Francophone Region of NA
FJ0B776 Identity and Culture in Francophone Regions of America
SJ0B762 Hispanoamerican Short Stories
SJ0B774 Mexican theatre
SJ0B776 New Spain and Mexican Literature
SJ0B779 Identity and culture in Spanish speaking countries
SJ0B790 Identity and culture in Spanish speaking countries II

  d. Pass Master's Thesis Seminars I and II (AJ29800 and AJ29801, 20 credits total).

  e. Write and defend Master's Major (Diploma) Thesis (AJ29850).
The process of writing a Master's Diploma Thesis usually lasts at least three semesters: in the first semester, students prepare for writing and submit assignments in the electronic Thesis Seminar I (AJ29800), in the second semester, they write the thesis and gain credits for that in the Thesis Seminar II (AJ29801), and in the third semester, they finish and hand in the thesis.