English Language and Literature - Single-subject

The Curriculum

In order to be allowed to sit for the Master's Final Stale Exam (AJ29999), a single subject student has to get at least 120 credits while fulfilling the following requirements:

a. Pass Cultural and Literary Theory I and II (AJ20001 a AJ20002) and finish them with exams.

b. Pass Historical Development of English (AJ20003) and finish it with an exam.

c. Pass the Exam in English Language (AJ21110 + AJ21120) in the course of the studies or have recognized any of the following:

i. Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (Grade A or B), or

ii. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with grade 8 or higher, or

iii. 75 or more points in English proficiency exam as a part of the BA exam at the Department of English and American Studies, FF MU and pass English Language Oral Proficiency Exam (AJ11020) with the mark A, B or C.

d. Pass six courses within the selected track and finish them with exams.

e. Gain 40 more credits at the English Department.

f. Get at least 8 credits for any courses offered at the Masaryk University.

g. Meet the Faculty's requirements concerning another foreign language (4 credits).

h. Pass Master's Thesis Seminars I and II (AJ29800 and AJ29801, 20 credits total).

i. Write and defend Master's Major (Diploma) Thesis (AJ29850).
The process of writing a Master's Diploma Thesis usually lasts at least three semesters: in the first semester, students prepare for writing and submit assignments in the electronic Thesis Seminar I (AJ29800), in the second semester, they write the thesis and gain credits for that in the Thesis Seminar II (AJ29801), and in the third semester, they finish and hand in the thesis