Advanced Master's Degree (PhDr.)

The Advanced Master's State Examination (“Rigorózní řízení”) is organized according to the MU study and examination regulations (Part Five: Advanced Master's Procedure) and the Faculty Guidelines for rigorous proceedings.
The applicant must be a graduate from the Master’s study programme English Language and Literature or Secondary School Teaching – English Language and Literature. They must submit a thesis which meets the requirements stated in the above regulations, and they are required to sit an oral Rigorous Exam. This exam also includes an exam in Philosophy. The thesis has to be written in English.

The applicant is required to have studied the following books for the exam:


  1. Halliday, Michael Alexander Kirkwood: Language as Social Semiotic: The Social Interpretation of Language and Meaning. London. Edward Arnold 1979
  2. Hladký, Josef.: A Guide to Pre-Modern English. MU 2003
  3. Lyons, John.: Linguistic Semantics. Longman 1996
  4. Mey, Jacob.: Pragmatics. Blackwell 2002
  5. Pym, Anthony.: Exploring Translation Theories. Routledge 2010


  1. Alexander, Michael: A History of English Literature. Palgrave 2000
  2. Bradbury, Malcolm; Ruland, Richard: From Puritanism to Postmodernism: A History of American Literature, Penguin 1991
  3. Eagleton, Terry: After Theory. Penguin Books, 2006
  4. Loomba, Ania: Colonialism / Postcolonialism (New Critical Idiom), Routledge, 2005.
  5. Wolfreys, Julian (ed): Modern British and Irish Criticism and Theory. Edinburgh University Press 2006

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