English Language and Literature - English accreditation, single subject, full-time form

Bachelor’s degree program of English Language and Literatura at the Department of English and American Studies is offered as single subject program in full-time form of studies. This program usually lasts for 6 semesters.

The First Year is composed of compulsory courses introducing students into the fields of the study dealt within the following years. 

In the second stage of the Bachelor’s degree studies (2nd and 3rd years), one course is compulsory and the rest are elective. At the end of their studies, students write a Bachelor’s diploma thesis and pass the final bachelor’s state exam which consists of four written exams in literature, linguistics, cultural studies, and the English language.

Students are also obliged to fulfil University Common courses - gain 4 credits in Philosophy and 2 credits in Physical Training (common courses compulsory for all students of the Faculty of Arts offered by the Department of Philosophy and the Faculty of Sports, respectively) and to meet the Faculty's criteria concerning other foreign languages (min. 4 credits) and academic courses (min. 5 credits).

  1. First Year.
    • The First Year Program of the studies of English Language and Literature is composed of compulsory courses with the following codes (37 credits total):
      • Fall semester:
      • AJL01001 Practical Language I (2 credits)
      • AJL02001 Introduction to Linguistics (4 cr.)
      • AJL02003 English Grammar I - lecture (1 cr.)
      • AJL02004 English Grammar I - seminar (3 cr.)
      • AJL04000 Introduction to Literary Studies I - lecture (1 cr.)
      • AJL04001 Introduction to Literary Studies I - seminar (2 cr.)
      • AJL06001 Introduction to British Studies I (2 cr.)
      • AJL07001 Introduction to American Studies I (2 cr.)
      • Spring semester
      • AJL01002 Practical Language II (2 cr.)
      • AJL02002 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (4 cr.)
      • AJL02005 English Grammar II - lecture (1 cr.)
      • AJL02006 English Grammar II - seminar (2 cr.)
      • AJL04002 Introduction to Literary Studies II - lecture (1 cr.)
      • AJL04003 Introduction to Literary Studies II - seminar (2 cr.)
      • AJL06002 Introduction to British Studies II (4 cr.)
      • AJL07002 Introduction to American Studies II (4 cr.)
  2. In the 2nd and 3rd Years, students choose their own program each semester. Nevertheless, they must fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Pass the compulsory courses Academic Writing (AJL13001) and Spoken Fluency (AJL11501) and finish them with exams.
    2. Pass Introduction to Sociolinguistics (AJL12070) and finish it with an exam.
    3. Pass two linguistic courses and finish them with exams. The codes for these courses begin AJL12xxx.
    4. Pass two basic literary courses and finish them with exams; one of them dealing with the history of British literature (codes AJL14000 to AJL14007) and one with the history of American literature (codes AJL15000 to AJL15002).
    5. Pass one cultural studies course and finish it with exams. The codes of these courses begin with AJL16xxx, AJL17xxx, and AJL18xxx.
    6. Pass the exam in the Practical English Exam (AJL11010), normally at the end of the 4th semester.
    7. Pass the English Language Oral Proficiency Exam (AJL11020)
    8. Gain at least 42 additional credits for courses offered at the Department of English and American Studies.
    9. Gain at least 18 additional credits for any courses offered at Masaryk University.
      1. The Department recommends that students acquire these 18 credits, along with the 15 credits required by University and Faculty regulations (physical education, academic courses, a second foreign language, and philosophy) during their first year of study.
    10. Pass the Bachelor's Thesis Seminars (AJL19800, and AJL19801, 5 credits each) and write and defend a Bachelor's diploma thesis (AJL19850).
      The process of writing a B.A. major thesis usually lasts at least two semesters: in the first semester, the student prepares for writing and submits assignments in the electronic Thesis Seminar, and in the second semester, the student writes, finishes and hands in the thesis.

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