English Department’s Updated Spring Semester 2020 Schedule

6 Apr 2020

Teaching and examining in the Spring Semester
Since no one can predict when university buildings will be reopened and since all of us need to have a clear plan, we have decided that no contact classes will take place in the English Department this semester. All courses will be completed by distant teaching methods. Exams will take place on the dates announced by teachers and exam coordinators; the form of the exams will be specified in due time. Online testing will be introduced in case MU buildings are still closed on the date of the particular exam. The online form of examining will be applied even for State Exams should the situation require it.

Spring Semester exam period: 18 May – 30 September
Teachers will offer enough exam terms throughout the entire exam period (18 May – 30 September) so students can complete all their courses. For each course, at least one exam term will be offered during July or August.

Final State Exams and Defences
State Exams will take place in the originally scheduled terms in June and in newly added terms in September. Students will be informed about the exam format - contact or online exam - in due time. The contents of the exams will be identical for both formats.

BA State Exams (written): 8 – 10 June
BA Defences: 11 – 12 June
MA State Exams and Defences: 15 – 17 June

BA State Exams (written): 2 – 4 September
BA Defences: 7 – 8 September
MA State Exams and Defences: 9 – 11 September

BA and MA theses submission (electronic form!)

Following the provision of the dean, all BA and MA theses will be submitted only in electronic form.

Submission deadline for June defences: 15 May
Submission deadline for September defences: 31 July

Entrance exams
BA Entrance Exams: 22 June
MA Entrance Exams: 18 and 19 June
PhD Entrance Exams: 4 June

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